Apollo Club of Boston

Apollo Concert at Old South Church Dec 13,


Apollo joins the BBB Society in

Faneuil Hall, Dec 19, 2016

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Apollo Clubs sings US and Canada anthems at Fenway Park

June 22, 2019

The Apollo Club has been invited to sing the National Anthem at Fenway Park several times over the years.

Our most recent performance was on June 22nd, 2019.  Here is a video of our performance:


Apollo Club sings at Old South Church

December 12, 2017

Here is a set of videos from our 2017 holiday concert in the Gordon Chapel of the Old South Church:


Apollo Club sings in two holiday Concerts

December 13, 2016 and December 19, 2016

The Apollo Club is performing in two holiday concerts this month, the first in the beautiful Gordon Chapel of

the Old South Church on December 13th, and the second, as part of a special holiday concert in Faneuil Hall

featuring the new Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms Society orchestra, directed by our own Steven Lipsitt.  Be

sure to catch one or both of the concerts.

Apollo Club sings at Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 2015

Each year for the past several years on Pearl Harbor Day, the Apollo Club has joined various dignitaries on the

deck of the USS Cassin Young, singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful.  Here is a video which

captured part of our performance in 2015:


Ecce Quam Bonum

December 11, 2009 through March 12, 2010

Ecce Quam Bonum, an extensive exhibit of the Apollo Club's rich history and its contribution to Boston's

musical traditions was on view for three months at the Boston Public Library's Koussevitsky Room and

adjacent spaces. Included were documents and memorabilia from both the Library's and the Club's archives,

with many items displayed for the first time. To accompany the exhibition, the Club's 2009 holiday concert

was held in the Library's Rabb Lecture Hall.

For a song, she leads all-boys club

The Boston Globe, March 19, 2006

Florence A. "Flossie" Dunn listens intently, checks the score in front of her, and with a wave of her hand brings

silence to the room.

It's Tuesday night, and the Apollo Club, a venerable men's choral group, has been rehearsing for an hour in

the main music hall of the Harvard Musical Association on Chestnut Street on Beacon Hill.  Read more...

Apollo Club: Brothers in Song

The Beacon Hill Times, December 20, 2005

"You don't need a psychiatrist if you can sing." That's the unofficial philosophy of the Apollo Club, a men's

choir founded in 1871 that has made its mission providing music to retirement homes and any other

institution where there might be people who enjoy their mix of standards and old favorites. Read more...

One Woman Among A Chorus of Fifty Men

Beacon Hill Times, September 1992

Florence "Flossie" Dunn is sitting on an elegant tapestry sofa with an ear bent toward a breezy open window

across the room. On the wind are the sounds of church bells, and she whistles with them, perfectly pitched,

until the tune fades.

”My parents’ dreams for me have come true," she beams. "I have lived my life with music." Read more...

Boston's Apollo Club...and the Concerts It Gives

The Boston Sunday Herald, Boston, November 22, 1903

A few weeks ago there began the 33rd season of the Apollo Club, that rare band of male voices rendering the

virile, if limited, music suited to their range of tone with consummate mastery, and whose concerts are the

hardest to get into in Boston.  It is the American derivative of the German “ Liedertafel,” and has preserved a

certain flavor inseparable from the German etymology of the word that has a charm of its own.  For

“Liedertafel” in English, would be “song table,” and with the true German sense of the fitness of things both

words in the compound are equal in importance—“song,” for obvious reasons; “table,” to hold the beer glasses.

Given a dozen or more jolly Germans with some pretensions to voices, a conscientious waiter and table around

which they can sit while they sing, and all the elements of a “Liedertafel” are present. Read more...


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871