Apollo Club of Boston

2018-2019 Membership Roster

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Active Members:

Glenn Allin, Software Engineer

Joseph Byrne, University Faculty/

Administrator (Retired)

Dave Bullis, Psychologist

David Conlin, Attorney

John Dineen, Attorney (Retired)

Fred Dodd, Finance

John Fanton, Manager,

Medical Systems (Retired)

Svend Feddrich, Attorney

David Geltman, MD

Thomas Gillen, Banker

Gerald Hamilton, Pension Investigator


Michael Horn, Science Teacher

Charles Huhta, Retired

David Johnson, Management Consultant

Mike Kurban, Attorney

John Meurling, Attorney (Retired)

Marshall Morgan, Carpenter

John Moynihan, Publisher (Retired)

Paul Pfizenmaier, Engineer


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871


Gordon Riblet, Electrical Engineer

William Seltz, Professor of Finance

Laurence Sloss, Cardiologist (Retired)

Ralph Souppa, Retired Civil Engineer

Jeffrey Stookey

Tucker Taft, Computer Scientist

Peter Terres, Director, FrontLine Words:

Adults Finding Their Voice

Herb Zeller, Architect (Retired)

Associate Members:

Steve Beede, Attorney

George Brackett, Educational


Matthew Cassis, Carpenter

John Felton, Buiding Contractor


Bob Ford, Chartered Accountant

John Hemenway, Attorney

Andrew Lane, Attorney

Rich Wenger, Information Technologist