Apollo Club of Boston

Flossie Dunn

Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Flossie on the

occasion of her retirement, June 14, 2015.

Steven Lipsitt

Flossie Dunn Hands Baton to Steven Lipsitt

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The Apollo Club of

Boston Inc.

announces the

retirement of its

beloved conductor, 

Florence A. "Flossie"

Dunn, and the

appointment of

Steven Lipsett as our

new conductor.

Flossie became

Conductor Emerita in

June 2015 after 60 years of dedicated service.   Her

appointment in 1955 as accompanist was followed in

the 1969-79 season by appointment as Conductor, a

position she has held ever since.  A graduate of the New

England Conservatory, Flossie has had a long and 

distinguished career as organist, pianist, singer and

choral director as well as a  music educator, having

taught in Brookline public schools for 20 years. In 1997

she  was honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement

Award from Choral Arts New  England.

Steven Lipsitt brings to the Club an outstanding

musical education and excellent experience in

choral and orchestral performance and

conducting.  He  got his start with men's groups

singing with the Yale Alley Cats, serving as

"pitchpipe" of the Yale Whiffenpoofs, and

conducting the Yale Russian Chorus.    He holds

a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Yale College; a

rare double Masters of Music in Choral and

Orchestral Conducting and an Artist's Diploma in

Orchestral Conducting, both from the Yale

School of Music.


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871