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The Apollo Club works for busy men with a passion for music but with schedules that

prevent them from joining other choruses.  Our rehearsals and most of our performances

are held on Tuesday evenings between September and June.  By cycling songs in and out

of our repertoire and varying what we practice, we are able to learn and polish the pieces

while continuing to keep our business/professional commitments that unfortunately

conflict from time to time.

We present a large number of concerts each year that consist of popular pieces, light

classical, theme based songs including love songs and spirituals, barbershop, show tune

medleys, as well as occasionally, a few with foreign lyrics.  Our success can be attributed

to the warm harmonies and dynamic contrasts that are characteristics of men’s voices;

qualities that are regularly noted and appreciated as we perform, notably at the many

prominent retirement venues throughout greater Boston.

The club is always looking for new members.  Come to a rehearsal and see how you like it,

on a Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 in the fall until Thanksgiving, or after the holidays

(anytime in January works); otherwise we’re on the road!  Complete and send the form

below if you want to give us a “heads up,” or just stop by when it’s convenient.


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871


Members comment:

"...I went to a rehearsal one

night to try it out and now

have been with the club for

over 20 years."

"With The Apollo Club I can

accomplish two goals. I like

group singing in a serious,

but relaxed atmosphere,

and I want to share my

enjoyment of singing with


"I enjoy the singing

opportunity [the Club]

provides. The rehearsals

are at least as, if not more

enjoyable than the


“I am so pleased to have

found a group of men with

whom it was so easy to

become accepted, doing

something I have always